Tow Dolly

     Dolly is a simple, cost-efficient towing instrument. Usually, this is employed for personal vehicles or damaged vehicles either within the city or between the cities.

Tow dolly description:

    It is an unpowered mechanical device that connects the towing and trailing vehicle. The trailing vehicle is placed on the dolly such that it aligns with the direction of the towing vehicle. The front wheels of the trailer vehicle are held unrotated with the help of ratchet tire straps. Heavy security chains hold the structure of the car so that towing will not damage the trailer vehicle.

      Although the design is simple and lightweight, it has good structural rigidity and strength. However, the dolly dimensions should be able to match the dimensions of the trailing vehicle. This factor also dictates the safety measures in the dolly.

Towing with dolly:

     The dolly is connected very rigidly to the towing vehicle. The towing must be done gently at normal controllable speed to not damage both trailer vehicles and dolly. Although all these precautions are followed and the vehicle is held tightly to the dolly, the ground clearance offered by the trailer vehicle is also important. The longer the trailer vehicle’s length, the lesser the ground clearance and more chances of getting vehicle damaged.

   With respect to these pros and cons with a dolly, while its cost-efficient and lightweight structure offer a huge advantage for the towing, taking care of the ground clearance and speed of towing will make it the best option for towing personal vehicles.

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