Flatbed Towing:

     Is your car stranded on the road? Is your vehicle completely damaged in an accident? Do you want to move your vehicle between cities without driving it? If towing is a solution for this, Flatbed Towing is the best solution.

     Flatbed towing is considered as one of the safe modes of towing a vehicle for the fact that your car is placed safely on the carrier bed of the truck, with good clearance from the ground. This doesn’t need the safety precautions unlike dolly except safely parking the vehicle on the bed of the truck. 

It is important, however, to ensure that not only the methods used are to standard but that the machine used is also reliable and proven. We utilize Jerr-Dan as our trusted brand of trucks and accessory parts. When safety is on the line, it’s best to go with time trusted products.

How is Flatbed towing done?

     The truck trails a bed, which can be used as a slope for the vehicle to climb. It is made sure the vehicle is centered on the bed so that load gets uniformly distributed. Only when it is made sure that the vehicle is placed safely such that it won’t move, the vehicle is transported.

     By and large, a single-vehicle is towed by a flatbed towing truck that majorly serves for wrecked vehicles. However, for the transportation of multiple vehicles that consumes a lot of fuel, it is done cost and fuel-efficient by utilizing bigger multi-layered flatbed tow trucks that can accommodate multiple vehicles at the same time.

     Hence, considering the simplicity and safety in flatbed towing, utilizing these services when your vehicle gets stranded will help to get it towed to a nearby repair shop.

Flatbed Tow Truck

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