Fuel Delivery Services

Fuel delivery services

      When in the middle of traveling, getting stranded on the road with an emptied fuel tank is a tough situation to face. Or worse, getting a day start with the frantic disappointment of an empty fuel tank is the most frustrating things to happen to kick start the day on a bad start.

     However, to solve that problem, roadside service providers have come up with a solution. Anytime, anywhere within the city or on the outskirts, anyone can get fuel delivered to him by the roadside service providers. Roadside service drivers can get delivery of any kind of fuel depending upon the vehicle and even get quantity as per their requirements. The service is provided to any kind of automobile, starting from motorcycles and scooters to very large commercial trucks.

     Anyone can access this service at a little higher cost of actual fuel, as a part of the service charge. However, if one is a frequent traveler who has chances of encountering troubles with vehicles, subscribing to roadside services would be an economical approach. This subscription includes fuel delivery and other services as selected or modified by the business.

     The delivery of fuel is done carefully in a sealed container. Usually, the fuel is delivered in or less than half an hour. This saves a lot of energy and time for customers while offering services that add value to their customers when it matters most.

Often times the quantity of fuel is enough to get you to your final destination without requiring that you go directly to a gas station. This helps to save you more time since you were likely already behind schedule from running out of gas in the first place.

Gone are the days of having to walk to the closest gas station or service area to get a couple of gallons of gas then lugging the gas back to your vehicle. Most local towing and roadside service shops offer delivery services. For safety, reliability, and cost-savings, some businesses also offer reduced cost monthly subscription plans for roadside services and towing plans.

Perhaps the most commonly recognized provider of subscription plans is AAA. For more information on their service areas and subscription options call them at 1-800-AAA-HELP or 1-800-222-4357. …

Flatbed Towing

                                           Flatbed Towing:

     Is your car stranded on the road? Is your vehicle completely damaged in an accident? Do you want to move your vehicle between cities without driving it? If towing is a solution for this, Flatbed Towing is the best solution.

     Flatbed towing is considered as one of the safe modes of towing a vehicle for the fact that your car is placed safely on the carrier bed of the truck, with good clearance from the ground. This doesn’t need the safety precautions unlike dolly except safely parking the vehicle on the bed of the truck. 

It is important, however, to ensure that not only the methods used are to standard but that the machine used is also reliable and proven. We utilize Jerr-Dan as our trusted brand of trucks and accessory parts. When safety is on the line, it’s best to go with time trusted products.

How is Flatbed towing done?

     The truck trails a bed, which can be used as a slope for the vehicle to climb. It is made sure the vehicle is centered on the bed so that load gets uniformly distributed. Only when it is made sure that the vehicle is placed safely such that it won’t move, the vehicle is transported.

     By and large, a single-vehicle is towed by a flatbed towing truck that majorly serves for wrecked vehicles. However, for the transportation of multiple vehicles that consumes a lot of fuel, it is done cost and fuel-efficient by utilizing bigger multi-layered flatbed tow trucks that can accommodate multiple vehicles at the same time.

     Hence, considering the simplicity and safety in flatbed towing, utilizing these services when your vehicle gets stranded will help to get it towed to a nearby repair shop.

Flatbed Tow Truck

Tow Dolly

                                                   Tow Dolly

     Dolly is a simple, cost-efficient towing instrument. Usually, this is employed for personal vehicles or damaged vehicles either within the city or between the cities.

Tow dolly description:

    It is an unpowered mechanical device that connects the towing and trailing vehicle. The trailing vehicle is placed on the dolly such that it aligns with the direction of the towing vehicle. The front wheels of the trailer vehicle are held unrotated with the help of ratchet tire straps. Heavy security chains hold the structure of the car so that towing will not damage the trailer vehicle.

      Although the design is simple and lightweight, it has good structural rigidity and strength. However, the dolly dimensions should be able to match the dimensions of the trailing vehicle. This factor also dictates the safety measures in the dolly.

Towing with dolly:

     The dolly is connected very rigidly to the towing vehicle. The towing must be done gently at normal controllable speed to not damage both trailer vehicles and dolly. Although all these precautions are followed and the vehicle is held tightly to the dolly, the ground clearance offered by the trailer vehicle is also important. The longer the trailer vehicle’s length, the lesser the ground clearance and more chances of getting vehicle damaged.

   With respect to these pros and cons with a dolly, while its cost-efficient and lightweight structure offer a huge advantage for the towing, taking care of the ground clearance and speed of towing will make it the best option for towing personal vehicles.…

Towing Tips and Tricks


Towing is the process of moving an item, usually a vehicle of varying sizes, and moving it from one location to another location. This process is often accomplished by a vehicle that has, what is called, towing applications.

A vehicle that has these forms of applications has a motor that has the proper horsepower and torque to accomplish the movement of an item with high weight or poundage. To understand how a vehicle is able to move something with so much weight when the moving vehicle itself does not have as much weight behind it, one must have a basic working understanding of physics. A vehicle of any means can follow the principles in physics and has more power to pull an item than it does with pushing an item.

Instruments used for Towing

 A modernized tow truck is used to complete the task of moving vehicles from one area, typically a vehicular accident, to another area, typically a mechanics garage for repair.

There are of course other applications for moving a vehicle. Sometimes a vehicle is brought to an automobile auction and vehicles are purchased by buyers. Often times these vehicles are not in proper working condition as they can be considered antique or classic cars that need to be moved to the buyer’s garage for mechanical reconstruction or repair

      Another application is moving heavy machinery from one location to another. Heavy machinery is used on various construction sites and is oftentimes very large and heavy. These machines are not equipped for travel on highways as their vehicles do not have the capability to go at such high speeds. They also do not have proper tires for highway travel. Therefore, these vehicles must be transported by using a towing vehicle that will transport and deliver them from one construction job to another.

Finally, repossessions of vehicles are completed by tow trucks. First, repossessions by banks or credit unions when a lease fails to make payments on a vehicle. The bank or credit union will arrange for repossession of the vehicle by towing the vehicle. Second, police officers utilize tow trucks when having a vehicle removed during an arrest of the owner of the vehicle or during the cleanup after an accident that makes the vehicle not driveable. Finally, the removal of vehicles occurs when vehicles are found parked in illegally marked parking areas. The vehicle gets a place at a large parking lot which is charged to the owner on a daily fee schedule in what is called an impound. …

When to Call a Tow Truck

Cars’ problems can happen at any time which is what makes them so annoying. In situations where a mechanic cannot get to you, or cannot drive your car to a shop, calling a tow truck is the best option.

As a car owner, you have to deal with regular maintenance of your vehicle that mostly takes you to a body shop where a mechanic will tinker and get it working again. However, some circumstances require the touch of a tow truck. The following article covers the top situations where a tow truck is necessary.

When you are out of gas

As a car owner, you do your best to avoid running out of gas. Unfortunately, some instances do not allow you to plan as effectively and you may run out of gas in the middle of the road. You may fail to notice the dashboard light, or the light may be broken. Pulling over to the side of the road to go get gasoline from a gas station can be dangerous. This is where you call a tow truck. Some towing companies are good enough to bring you fuel at a fee so they do not have to tow your vehicle. 

When you have a flat tire

A flat tire is one of the most random forms of emergencies that can happen to you. A flat tire can occur form poor tire maintenance or ignoring worn out treads. It can also be caused by a puncture from a sharp object. Most people know how to change tires and will do so if they have a spare on hand. However, if you get a flat on a busy highway, it may be too dangerous to change the tire there. Calling a tow truck is the best option as it will transport your car to a safer place to change the tire. Some tow truck drivers may also be willing to do the job at an extra cost if you have a spare but cannot do it yourself. 

When you get into an accident 

It is always a great idea to call 911 when you get into an accident. Along with this call, ensure that you seek the services of a tow truck. Even if you and the other passengers are not hurt, it is never a good idea to try and drive off in a vehicle that is falling apart. Whether the car starts or not, wait for the tow truck. Your car may not have fully-functioning systems that prevent the car from leaking oil, fuel, and other potentially flammable liquids. The brakes may also have Ben damaged which puts you and other road users at further risk. Minor damage to the car also calls for a tow truck as the operators can find you the nearest body shop to fix it and will give you a better idea of the extent of the damage.